Tuesday, April 27, 2010

titi & nana

Titi can speak more 2 syllable words now. I am so proud!

the latest is names for aunties.

sarah and maryam awal2 dah cop- panggilan mummy and mama.

angah opts for-momo. hee.

I was the last one to get home. so I got. mimi.

Titi is very cheeky. asked her to give me five; she pretends to do so and then she tickles my palm.

Nana is crawling adorably.

If you sing to her she will sway her little body and do little claps.

Titi & Nana.

Mimi, Mama, Mummy, and Momo love you very much.

oh yeah, Atak and Nenek too.

oh women

I have always liked to observe the changes that happen because of the 'women hormones' that like to come every now and then.as quietly as it comes, it will just disappear just like that too. Its silly, childish, and worse, uncontrollable.

Among the things that might happen:

1) unexpected depression for no apparent reason
2)crying for the silliest things- like seeing your housemate using your cup without permission
3)extreme hunger or extreme non hunger
4) thirsty all the time- hmm this might cause some tears kalau air takde immediately
5)becoming too happy and then, too depressed
6)craving to go shopping -to buy unnecessary things
7)too loud a noise can drive you crazy because the senses are heighten
8)blur sikit. i was looking at a woman holding her umbrella downwards and thought she was walking a dog.

hmm.good thing is Chu said it will most likely stop when one becomes a mother. the bad thing is it wont happen anytime soon, like now.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

approaching May

on the wall there was a fishbone thing. on things I would do on this month, this month, this year.

its approaching May. I am flabbergasted.

have given myself 2 years max. after grad. to figure out what I wanna do. career wise. can't be jumping around here and there till I'm 40. poor parents will have a heart attack if they can brain read me.

Had I given myself more time; I would try to be either:

a) tour guide
b) cheese maker (genius)
c)newscaster (all that makeup will kill me though)
d) jual air singgit kat pasar malam
e) art teacher
f) kerani
g) petik teh kat Cameron Highland
h) kerja kat resort tepi pantai
i) menternak itik- this is a lie.

in conclusion, im gonna need some serious counselling with some kakaks to set my brain right. and hopefully figure out, things. or whatever. welcome adulthood.


ok I got this pic from utusan.com.my (not stealing!).

this is Farra latest, the singer who used to sing 'Bagaikan Puteri'-now wearing tudung. I read about this in Kosmo yesterday (oh, God, out of all the newspaper!) . argh! a Muslim woman, when properly covered just look stunning.

May Allah give hidayah to more women out there.Ameen!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

intricacy in giving

been looking, searching for a good platform for me to contribute back. so far..not quite there yet. wanna do something, in which the amal will continuously reward me even when I'm not around (i.e. dead)

last Saturday joined Young Muslims Project activity at the Islamic Arts Museum. I enjoyed making new friends- even more so when I learnt that the founder is in his youth too. Basically the group conducts monthly meeting where they invite speakers and do some good etc. etc. It is pretty awesome to meet young people who're passionate about Islam and doing da'wah.

InsyaAllah. searching.

Monday, April 19, 2010

aisy gedik

So I entered one of those direct selling shop.

'Hi, I need a lip balm please.' Pretty innocent, I think.

'Oh! Sure!' The equally innocent girl flipped through the catalogue.

'There! This is like, good you know.'

I looked at the picture. 'But this one not LIP BALMMM you know.'

'Ah! Sure.' And the she giggled. I looked at the pic again.

'You thought I wanted a lift bust?!!' *laughter laughter

Interesting prospect I'm sure, but ah, I think I'll just stick with the lip thing for now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

makcik nasi lemak

& the gang have always called me 'sayang' (honey). today the sayang comes with a piece of advice.

'your car, my dear, is always blocking other cars.'

'well, makcik, i don't think so because I never pull the handbreak.'

'well, honey, we so see it with our mata ok. is your car auto?'


'then you should put it in neutral gear so it can move when pushed.'

'oh.can i have my bihun now?' hehe.ayat cover line.

a good lesson for me indeed. sometimes we don't realize the inconvenience that we cause others. Astagfirullahaladzim. May Allah forgive my carelesness.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


for my screen printing stuff i ordered. the next coming weeks will be filled with lots of art projects ive been holding off for one reason or the other. now that i don't have a car to go places after work, i hope i can focus on this hobby i love.

one of my friend said, 'Asma', don't look back. keep going forward.just do it.'

sometimes it is very hard. the future is pretty much uncertain. but i have got to trust Allah that whatever he plans will be the best for me.

i want to pengsan at 2.30 pm today; got some training to conduct. yikes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Say It!

Just Say It!

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mystery man

ok lets name my friend alexander. whom i talked to yesterday. lets name a girl he loves amanda.
they met and got engaged, set the wedding date. everything done islamically, like what the sunnah has prescribed. love is in the air.

then come the bride's father, that i want to call mystery man who decided to call off the wedding without giving a reason. until now.

pakcik, you are so lucky I have repented from being naughty/evil-or at least i try to. that i now can only pray that your heart will soften for alexander the nice guy. or at least give a good reason for your decision.

had this situation happens, say, a couple of years ago; i will not hesitate to throw eggs at your car and steal your cat. geram betul orang macam ni. nasib baik my friend ni sabar nampaknye :). pray for him InsyaAllah.

jatuh bangun semula

when you fall, simply get up again.

so our house caught fire last saturday night. the 2nd floor is damaged, some roof fall down, lots of water splashed put everywhere.

i can catch a breather, just now. just re-registered myself for a new identity card, and i already got a replacement for my driving licence.

maybe im not sad because half of my things are in my rented room. but i think its because ive been around/heard about other people's predicament thats much worse than mine.

lost of love ones, heartbreak, divorce, homelessness. you name it. i feel embarassed to complain; whatmore, even after the fire we have still got so much more than what our beloved prophet saw ever had!

i felt quite lost jugak, wearing clothes thats not my own, sleeping in rented hotel/house and eating so many fruits from visitors. hehehe. tapi in a sense i feel free. those stuff i had, that i thought defined me so much, some of it carried some emotional baggage that im glad is off when its gone. perhaps, this is why during the early islamic period, the companions had such fulfilling lives. by having lesser things, they could focus on a higher purpose, their inner sides must have been so sharp, so clear and pure without all these materialistic distractions! and the result? happiness!

one thing i do miss, is my little quran (the rest like our camera, computer and phone make me cringe thinking of the cost; of course :)) its been my great companion, where i draw strenght from reading it, or when i felt so so low from simply holding it. may Allah replace it with a better, more longer lasting one InsyaAllah.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


one of the (worse) aspect of being editor. when you see a glaring mistake AFTER the book is printed 2000 times.

there is no consolation, i wish my boss would just scream and throw books and stones at me but he choose to FORGIVE me. argh.

i know, perfection in human is impossible. but those mistakes? will haunt me for quite some time.