Saturday, July 31, 2010

the big sister

getting used to younger people calling me 'kakak'. yeee.

the culture denotes that its a sign of respect.


me and culture dont really really blend well these days.

some people like to ask, those who are still studying.

'hows working life? is it fun? is it fun-ner than studying?'

i dont know about others.

but for me it beats studying in uni.

you get to study what you want and not what your teacher dictates.

you dont worry about exam or test that NEVER ask the question you like anyway.

for me i get to work on new books, much like assignments with all the literature reviews and research- with higher stake- the company's money and waiting anxiously for the market's reaction which is very the exciting.

sure there are lots of boring things.

like taxes.

and your boss might scream at you.

or you dont feel like going to work.

and you dont understand how your money can finish that quick.

but you get to taste the real deal baby.

i'd say embrace ur studying life.

but look forward to the post-studying part.

u'd be surprised at the kind of people you meet.

and the experiences that you cant get in any instituition.

and in my case.

i met imran.

but more on him later.

now i gotta get back to writing some contract for my boss.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My mouth

lunch time.

the kitchen.

washing the pinggan.

my remark to a colleague.

"lepas makan. malas buat kerja. yay!"

i turned around.

Bos patiently waiting to wash his cup.

awkward silence.



is a lipan banyak kaki yg nakal.

dia juga suka menangis berjela-jela.

He would cry cupfuls of tears.


currently translating a childrens book to malay.

its an iranian story.

a story about lipan nakal.

thats what im up to.

another story, have failed to materialize for the twentieth times.

whoever says a writing/translationg job is easy should try this Kuti-kuti thing.

I want to Kuti myself.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

give in

i do not know much about men.

or love.

or even life itself.

but when it comes.

you have just got to trust your heart.

and give in to the bigger picture that God has intended for you.

its a scary thing.

its a risk.

amidst all this vulnerability, i have to admit it is beautiful.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


arrived last night to be greeted by fresh smelling air and dancing trees.

woke up this morning to a wonderful sea sight.

mak ngah said there's a great durian dusun nearby.

i think i'll be visiting my kakak often.

i like Penang!