Thursday, September 30, 2010


buat sinopsis untuk buku-buku bos nak introduce in frankfurt.

di hadapan saya penuh buku. mata saya lebam menghadap komputer dari pagi.

teringat di zaman universiti- untuk menyiapkan satu sinopsis itu pensyarah beri kami satu hari. itupun jenuh fikir untuk setengah helaian A4.

itupun kecoh tak cukup masa.

how time flies. sekarang tanggungjawab saya lebih lagi.

in the midst of my chaotic life, all the rare peaceful moment like me simply staring at my desk after a hard day's at work just make things..ok.

Monday, September 20, 2010

on taking picture

so he took few pictures of me.

me: why do i look senget in all these pics?

him: well thats just you.

i think one of the best thing about love is when he sees the real you, and he still turns around and simply say 'i love you.'

on money

imran: you know before i met you i thought once i marry i'd ask my wife to manage my finance.

me: why would you do that?

imran: because i thought i'm bad at managing my money. but i met you *cough. and i know now i'm doing just fine.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


i think my consequent posts after this will be mostly self-centred because i want to write down my days building up to my wedding. it'd be a nice reminder for me when im slightly older.

yesterday me, dad and 2 saksi (ayah kutip di masjid his friends' sons- they are around 22 i think) went to meet the imam to get the approval for me to nikah, and basically to declare i am still a virgin daughter which sounds ridiculous bila dah translate ke english!

it was quite interesting to get to know my saksi's story. one's dad has just passed away because of cologne cancer- i dont know how to spell or what it means. but from dad's story he had been suffering for quite a long time, the desease slowly taking over his body and eventually life. right now the family's slowly picking up the pieces and trying to move on with life. the great thing is they have finished paying off the house and car's loans so at least that burden is off.

another saksi has a brother that took a pilot course; only to give up when doing the final paper. he decided not to take it! he simply decided he cannot go on anymore. if only he had the courage he would have at least complete that final plunge regardless whether he pass or not. it sounds like an unfinished business to me- and dengar macam geram but in the end only he knows whats going on in his head. he's doing some sort of business now and is doing fine.

anyway the imam has put in his diary my date, and inshaAllah at 11.00 am. i reminded Imran that he absolutely cannot be late during nikah! i will pengsan because of the wait!

the imam, he's young also gave his business card. it appears that he has started a business revolving around wedding. he offers wedding photography, dj ing, salawat etc. etc. but we are gonna pass, thank you.

i keep praying, may Allah make it easy. ameen!

right now im at imran's office. he is busy attending to customers. want to take his borang so i can submit to jais soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


1 day before raya -melaka.

as usual we prepeared for raya food kampung style which is a pain sebab atap zink. panas. nenek menjerit. lagi panas. my nenek is a drama queen and it was quite hard to mantain my patience. i hope i managed quite okay in the eyes of Allah.

2nd day raya-kuantan. we could relax a bit here since wan ada maid, and aunties to help. my cousin got married 3rd raya alhamdulillah. there will be another 1 getting married in 2 weeks but im not sure if i can take further leave prior marriage cuti nanti. i myself but dah fidgeting nak kerja.funny that.there are few tasks that i find engaging at work.

today we just got back to shah alam. a quiet day without my nieces screaming and playing their HEADS off. they rock.

my wedding date has been fixed - insyaallah 13.11.2010. about 2 months from now. may Allah make it easy. i am quite nervous but happier than anything else. just have to find a nice wedding dress and other small details. im not very good with all these girly things, so hopefully things will go smoothly.

have about 1 day before work, want to do some reading and drink coffee. and maybe work on my quilt. and printing eddy's shirt design. i dont know if i can do all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

what i take home

like last year i went to kedai borong kerepek at melawati. or is it kedai kerepek borong?

anyway i bought

1. kerepek pisang
2. kerepek ubi pedas & tak pedas
3. batang buruk
4. biskut beras
5. kuih raya perisa kacang

and i ordered from my friends

6. cookies for bakal mak mentua
7. cookies for my family

and best of all

1 kg's of marshmellow. hopefully i'll get it by today.

takde kuih yg canggih2 but ini yang akan laku!

my raya outfit:

1. abaya with pink flowers

i would love to get beautiful baju kurung but too lazy to face the last minute crowd.

my holiday will start wednesday and off we go to melaka then kuantan on 2nd raya.

1 week off. looking forward to that.

women forgive but never forget

this is a myth that will eat your heart out.

how can you say you have truly forgiven someone if you still remember the fault with bitterness and hate?

and what good does it do to you, to remember your pain?

move on, forget it.

maybe i am too young and optimistic- but at the moment it works fine by me to forgive and forget.

though it will take longer for me to forgive because letting go of grudges is not easy. hehe.

life's too short to reminisce crap.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

last 10 days

terasa cepatnya Ramadhan akan pergi.

bila saya baru hendak terasa kemanisannya.

'Allahumma innaka a'fuwun karim, tuhibbul a'fwa fa'fu a'nni.'

Verily you are the Lord who like to forgive, so forgive my sins.

what a humbling experience.