Wednesday, June 29, 2011


greetings from Bandar Anggerik! i especially like the flowers around shah alam. nice!

the Selangor book fair is currently on; with much fewer turn outs than the one in PWTC.

I want to take a picture of our cozy booth which at times smell like delicious coffee- because i've been drinking a lot of it. it's very cold! which makes hasben happy and me slightly frozen, but its still bearable.

The working schedule for both of us is a bit tight, we only reach home near midnight. I have to put half my eyes close at the state of my bedroom at the moment. the only thing i manage to do is make the bed, and put our dirty laundry downstairs. yesterday we both work at the shop, alternating with other staff so we could get some rest. somebody treated us with a super nice lunch, which made me dizzy. i lied down, and ended up taking a 3 hour nap, and a slightly high temp. nevertheless, the human body can always make itself flexible enough to accept any tough new condition with ease. for that, i am grateful. anyway its less tougher than the KL book fair, and i miss the whole noisy fiesta. tough conditions make you tougher.

anyway my boss/hasben is back from prayer. (i persuaded him to try wearing sandals for the time being, so that his crack heels doesnt get any worse. we'll see how long this last! as for wearing shoes, im not quite sure when i'll win the argument. one step at a time woman!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SUTRAH is an instant goodness.

I am not going to dwell heavily into this, the discussion about Sutrah can easily be found in books according to the way of the Prophet SAW.

I'd like to share it here, so at least if you read this, you can practice it instantly and get an instant goodness, and share it with your loved ones. (PLEASE share this with your love ones, I dare you!)

What's the deal?

secret key: SUTRAH

meaning: My family knows a similar term called SAPRAH, which is the fabric spread you put for dinner. SUTRAH is DIFFERENT.

basically it is object you put in front of you like a wall, (fantastic sutrah!) a chair, even a person sitting in front of you (if you're in a small surau) or anything that is pretty high (handbag doesn't count-its too small)


you have just eliminate one common mistake done during solat, and get rewarded for it.

2. you have the right to stop anyone trying to cross between you and your sutrah. it is a big sin to cross in front of anyone in solat!

dalil (reference):

Here is the command for having Sutrah:

The Prophet SAW said:

"When one of you stands for Salah, there should be an object before him..." (Muslim: 510)

"I saw Allah's Messenger always seeking to perform Salah near the pillar." (Bukhari: 502)


chair as sutrah

little desk as sutrah, and how to stop anyone trying to cross between you and your Sutrah.

easy! just stand near a wall or pillar, like the Prophet SAW did.

May Allah grant you the strength to practice having Sutrah each time you pray inshaAllah. If I can get even one person to practice this, I'm the happiest person in the world. Anything mind boggling here, PM, call, FB, or tweet me. of course, if you choose the last option, I wont reply because I only know the tweet of a bird. hehe.

Have a nice day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

hang in there

'Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree and Aboo Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with them both) reported that: “The Prophet SAW said, ‘A Muslim does not meet with fatigue or tiredness or concern or sorrow or injury or grief, not so much as a thorn-prick but that Allah expiates his errors for him by that.’” Al-Bukharee and Muslim.

This narration and such others describe the fact that Allah’s mercy over the Muslim is extremely great. Aside from the favours of not affirming servitude to any deity except Allah, and believing in and following the Prophet Saw, his pains and sorrow also bring benefits to him as long as he bears them patiently, not wailing over them.'

*These are taken form the latest book by Da'wah Corner-'Tremendous Benefits'

I try to gulp down the hadeeth, realizing pain and sorrow is not easy. waiting is not easy. in order to gain something from our pain, patience is the key. the dreaded P word, when its easier to scream and shout, and to loose hope.

I tell myself to try dance in the rain, and smile during a storm.

There is something beautiful about hanging in there.

So that eventually, after the cloud has finished pouring out its tears, and we can almost feel the warmth of the sun, we truly appreciate the joy of a bright day.

Finally, when we thank Allah for the gift, we truly thank Him.

The sweetness of patience is like no other.

Just hang in there.

Friday, June 17, 2011


in marriage is earned through hard work. if before married, i see my friend's family photos and think: 'how nice!! to be able to be granted such joy, and companionship!'

now i see it and think 'how nice! to taste such joy after working hard to build and maintain a family.'

i have 3 minutes before my (own) scheduled time of cooking today.

anyway, somebody important to me has asked 'when am i going to get a real job.'

as in a 9-5 proper job with at least 20 colleagues to chill with, and AC office, and a boss I can argue with from time to time.

i said, "but I'm happy now with my current situation."

the person said, "yeah, but you can't be freelancing forever."

i was quite flabbergasted at the frank remark. i think this was a first pressure-remark that has come my way.i remember one of my friend who said she faced the same thing, and now i know how it feels!

it amazes me how other people like to think they know what's better for us, when our whole circumstances is not even understood by them.

this person does not understand:

1. that at the moment I am still trying to juggle my marriage in the best way possible. I have a husband with bundles of energy, who might ask me out for a date at 1.00 am. my husband also doesn't have an exact punch-in time with his work, and I like to keep him company in the morning.

2. at the moment haven't found any flexible full time job that makes me wanna jump at the opportunity.

3. i am taking a paid crafting class and has promised to be involved in yet another freelance project.

4. i am yet to recover from all the office drama i saw and heard from my previous job.

5. i LIKE what i'm doing now.

6. and so... taking a fulltime job is not in my best interest.

I have at least learn something from this rather unpleasant conversation-

it reminds me not to judge others just because they are doing something I would not do myself. who knows, his/her situation compels that person to take that action in the first place. I then would have sinned for judging another person, and perhaps, talking about it to others I would have gotten another sin for backbiting.

i think hasben will rebuke me for even wasting my time to defend myself- when i totally dont have to (and stealing cooking time pulak!) but i am only human...sometimes words that people say can leave a mark.

okay... got some chicken waiting to be fried. (if im working i'd be stuck in a jam!)

ok ok enough of defending myself. writing about chicken makes me miss my hasben.. haha!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a small lesson

yesterday was quite a full day. after our class, sending friends home, and dinner, i was quite glad to be able to see my bed. i think hasben was quite flat also, especially after a whole day with me which is not always easy. especially yesterday, the car's air conditioner was not functioning pulak. alhamdulillahiala kulli hal.

anyway i took a long bath, (everyday is a long bath according to hasben-but i can tell the difference!) when i came out hasben already fall asleep waiting for me. on his stomach was a candy he found while cleaning my messy bag.

so i quietly took the candy to put it aside, which woke hasben up. he asked if he can have the candy. i said of course! i didnt even like the candy. so he ate it.

few moments later i asked why didnt he just take and eat the candy before.

"because its yours."

subhanaAllah. such small gesture, but it made an impact on me.

and i take this small lesson as the 'precioustest' gift for our sevenmonthlyversary.(hehehe. you can roll your eyes now!)

*the other gift is a book.

such incidents as above has triggered me to be so obsessively advice my single friends-

when looking for a spouse don't go for HANDSOME, MACHO, RICH, or FAMOUS.

go for the one with the DEEN and you will find that God will put in the rest of the good outwardly things anyway.(yes hasben you are very HANDSOME)

most of the feedback i get, YES I KNOW, I KNOW.

i know you know, but what are you going to do with what YOU KNOW?

*in no way i am claiming my life is perfect- but whatever lesson i've learnt, i like to share, and likewise, i like to take lesson from other people's experience too...

Monday, June 13, 2011


Da'wah Corner recently brought some new abayas from Saudi for its Malaysian market.

I got most of my abaya from this shop, particularly because of its feminine cut and kain yang tak panas. Lately I've been wearing it quite often because my hasben like it. (Quite frankly-most my clothes pun dah takde sejak kebakaran, and takde mood pergi shopping sejak my hasben gave me the book 'Gila Belanja'. cis.)

Actually the men's jubahs are excellent too, but its not up in the blog yet...

Here's the link!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a quick one

before dashing off to a local craft shop- i left my sewing machine there for the time being, discovering its functions is much easier now with someone to guide me.

i have 2 weeks ish to finish my unfinished projects with da'wah corner and craft shop (this for fun), before the Selangor bookfair. finishing off part is not as fun as the starting part.

life after marriage is definitely more hectic, but its nice, you know, to have someone to provide for you, take care of you and save you if you drown (at least i hope so!)

not having a 9-5 job has drop my stress level so much, yeah! (though im not sure whether this will be a permanent thing)

however i miss the intellectual challenge of being an editor- i am such a geek!

which leads me to stacking up on books, particular interest is on parenting and death topics- how ironic!

(going off topic here, few weeks back i asked hasben if he'll get free books if he quit his job, and he said yes on ALL THE TITLES. there i was smiling and jumping up and down at the thought of having all those books in our home one day. then few days after, while helping at the bookstore when new shipment of books came, i slyly told him- "if ever, you gonna quit you have to pick the right time." "what do you mean right time?" "when new shipment arrived!" i whispered excitedly. "why?" he seemed pretty foggy with my idea. "so you can get all the new titles!!"
at this point he laughed his you-pitiful-waif laugh. "I will only get ALL titles published by us." which is 5% of the all the books of course. huh- unfortunately I have to continue with my book purchases, perhaps more frantically now.)

anyway, i find death topics refreshing, should the grave be our beds TONIGHT are we prepared for it? hah this thought leave me shaky, hasben thought me to make prayer that Allah grant us khusnul khatimah or a good ending.

as good, and fantastic marriage is i am constantly aware that one day i will be separated from my dear hasben (a thought that sometimes bring me to tears) sometimes i see him in his sleep, his hand in mine, i wonder when will be the last time i get to hold his hand like this? but depressing thought, i know! but such thoughts keeps me on my toe to try me best to be a good waif to him.

*i have to go!