Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i wonder why most my posts nowadays seem melancholic.

i am neither depressed or stressed.

perhaps it is the time constrain.

or that i feel my little joy and smile is too worthless to mention.

feels like i wanna take a jar.

and put all this happiness inside.

and take a picture and show you.


i cant.


Bila ada yang guris hati kita, we are quick to judge and slow to forgive

It is all about me, me, me

But each day

We walk through the day

Expecting to be loved

and forgiven

by Him

Through and through.

Itu yg saya fikirkan pagi tadi.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5.30 pm

Terasa hari ini macam tak mahu pulang.

Saya sedang belajar menggunakan Pagemaker untuk buat brochure syarikat.

Pace yang slow; amat. Tapi belajar benda baru sgt best. Saya sangat curious.

Tapi 5.30 p.m ini.

Saya mesti jumpa cikgu seni saya.

Art printing projek saya terpaksa hold.

Saya lupa formula bancuh paint.

Sebab tidak tulis.

Lesson learnt, yessir.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terima kasih

Every morning boss will have a meeting with the marketing team.

Giving pep talk.

Occasionally we editors are called to join in to listen.

Occasionally I rave because I feel its irrelevance.

Like today.

'What a waste of time!'

What a silly girl.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

He discussed '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'

Today was chapter 3.


Have a mental image of what you want in 3, 10, 20, years.

Imagine the kind of life, relationship, kids, career, faith that you want.

Visualize it.

Till you can almost taste it.

And move towards it.

Bos asked a question.


'Ayam nampak sibuk tak?'

'Ayam sentiasa sibuk, tapi tak pernah maju.Manusia pun boleh jadi macam tu. Sibuk. Macam-macam. Tapi lagi 5 tahun. Sama. Masih di situ. Macam ayam.'

Saya tak nak jadi ayam.

Terima kasih Bos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


blog templat yg lama, tapi saya sudah tidak jumpa.



it has been two days

that i sit on this chair

doing work with computer


imagine that

pretty exhausted with 'mundane' activity like this

cant believe i can survive a 9-5 job this long

but herre i am

typing away

head spinning though

adalah sikit rasa satisfied

that im working hard

but largely

i know im underperforming

being here

the frustation of learning to become adult

boleh bikin gigil wooo

Monday, June 21, 2010

I remember

Towards the end of a cold dark winter dulu

Where spring is approaching

There was always that feeling of anticipation

For the first day of spring

For that first bloom of flowers

Sign of life approaching

That dim sun, shining shyly after hiding for months

Shining as if its unsure whether it is time to shine

The leaves sprouting out

Trying to outlive the last blow of the winter wind- fighting harshly for the last time

I wonder if such description

Can equal love

I cant quite describe when it creeps in

or how

I am (definetelyy) no romantic pun

But darn, falling in love feels good.


Stole my heart.



Saturday, June 19, 2010


has gone to Poli in Johor doing some food course. i think!

why cant my siblings just stop growing?!

seems like Luke is the last one in the house. and he'll be all grown before i know it.


in 2 weeks angah will sambung master. Penang. another goner.

my application to do textile design in UITM failed.

takpe. i believe in hikmah.

tapi. aritu guling2 lah jugak.

apelah aku nak buat with the rest of my life.

saya kurang pasti.

life, as usual will shape itself in the most unexpected way.

as each day unfolds, im so grateful that I smile and laugh more than I frown.

thank God.


i couldn't quite make it this June.

except my housemates' wedding -because it was held in section 20.

the music was terrible though. how can you sing a break up song at a wedding.

most importantly, how did you think you can ever sing!


May Allah bless all of those friends who are recently married. May the marriage be full of blessings, romance and joy...

and may Allah help kami2 yang masih bujang ini :).

post sickness

its the demam season.

my colleagues are taking mc alternately.

last week was my turn.

during sickness i always feel so down.

very hard to maintain sabr.

very hard to be grateful.


post sickness.

rasa-rasa macam mati hidup semula :)

the days seem brighter.

food tastes better.

small flowers on the street makes me smile.

the congested air pun i breath in gratefully.hehehe.

reminds me of a remark an old friend made -

" i feel like health is the best thing God can give us."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

October 22, 2009

Sometimes I find it easier to just say it- Allah I love you. Allah I miss you. Hey thanks for the banana. and stripy socks I love to buy. and for being there for me. providing me with peace amidst this chaos. sometimes I say this out loud. Sometimes they just pop in my head.

I do wish I have all my old diaries. To read all my silly thoughts.

thrown canvas

finally. the canvas shoe is thrown.

July 15, 2008 -i wrote

But I like my canvas shoe.

Dragged it through the snow,
The art class,
Family picnic,

Walked under the sun

can almost smell
The time back then
can almost feel
That young, raw soul
Burning with anger, passion
Trying to understand

That’s why
It’s still on the shoerack
Underneath all the other shoes
No one’s bothered to throw

Its there you know
For the memory
It holds for me.

Monday, June 7, 2010


eye candy!!

pic copyright of Al-Ameen Serve.

behind the scene

of photoshoot Al-Ameen.

ini pics sure rejekk.hehe.

but the unwanted pics lah selalunya berseni.

bagi saya.

hehehe.atas ini.

projek buat ular comel guna socks.

obviously yg ni jadi hodoh.

hodoh tapi buat saya dan kak zai gelak guling-guling :).

tengok mata dia siap ada kerongsang hodoh saya.

hahaha. this pic makes my day!


fb kak miah.

'dah kembali ke habit lama..hamstering..tadi baru beli kuaci 1 kilo'


sudah lama saya tak singgah di sini.

inshaAllah. try to be more rajin.