Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When grief and despair takes over you

When you feel most helpless, and that there is no way out, remember that the help of Allah is near.

That your problems are not punishment, but God's way of cleansing your sins, and raising your status in His eyes. Like water poured over a wound, it hurts. It hurts, and it cleanse, and it heals.

When grief takes over you, like the dark clouds engulfing the sky, and your chest feels heavy, and your throat chocking back those tears, and you feel like you can't go on, pause and breathe. Cry if you want, but pause and breathe. Force yourself to be patient. Patient is not gifted, it is earned. Learn to be patient, and learn to put your trust in Allah.

Occupy yourself with worthy goals, and occupy your mind with the words of Allah. Do not dwell on your problems, get up and do something.

When grief and despair takes over you, smile and keep going. Do not give up. Get up in the middle of the night, when it is still and quiet, when your babe is sleeping, and the cats curling, and seek help with your Lord. Ask Him, and trust that your wish will be granted, in the best way possible.

Do not give up hope, and do not give up dreaming. Smile, and remind yourself of times when you were strong, and happy, and laughing with joy. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014


                                                       If only there's a manual to parenting!

Finding new goals

As a mom and wife its very easy to stay in the "busy mode". To be needed, for the important task of MOMMY is indeed an honour; a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Just as I take pride in watching my child grow, each of her milestone reminds me that I too, am growing older.

Yesterday an old conversation popped back into my head. It was a new semester during my uni days, and I bumped into my senior friend. I was contemplating about how many subjects to take that semester. I remarked at her choice of taking lots of major subjects. She said, "Well, whether you take more or less subject, they are still going to give you headache!" Make sense? Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with so many things to do; excusing ourselves from trying out new things.

As a mom and wife we can still find time to work on our personal goals. Whatever enrich our life experience will benefit our family too. By focusing on our personal development, we can teach our kids the meaning of hard work, and the sweetness of achieving success.

The first year of motherhood was a time of adjustment for me. Not much time for myself, and lots of stress. I have learnt that detachment from our babies, from time to time can do a lot of good, for both of us! :) Alhamdulillah, I found a good babysitter. After a long search, and lots of prayer, Allah guide me to ask my friend if shes willing to take care of my baby few hours a week. Those hours, I spend either teaching, studying or...dating! Aaaahhh to eat out with your spouse without a tazmanian-devil is so peaceful.

I am now consistently working on my 3 (secret) goals-  May Allah ease our ways  in this world, and ease our path to Jannah.....