Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a guy

In the lift, a guy was in front of me. He had skinny jeans on, a RayBan sunglasses and a massive helmet to complete the look.

His sexy friend asked him something like 'did you to remember to so and so...'

His reply? 'Astaghfirullah! Lailahaillallah, I forgot!'

How beautiful is his reply. Suddenly felt like I was looking at a soleh. May Allah bless him.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I am domestically challenged

I literally ran out of clothes because of the Pesta Buku. Kak Zai happily lent her black jubah with matching socks. My desk in the office looks like 'kucing nak beranak' - kak Miah's words, and when boss looked at my desk, wanting to ask for an agreement I keep, he immediately said it's OK, I think we'll sign a new agreement. hilarious! at the bookfair someone asked me whether he is my 'daddy'. I think I nearly toppled over at that thought :)

Kak Zai & Kak Miah is trying to help me becoming at least 'half a woman' today. Kak Miah offered her house to do my laundry in- and Kak Zai joined in for the tea in between. I can't believe I would enjoy a discussion about washing machine and dishwasher but I did. Kak Zai showed us how to fold a shirt in 3 simple steps. This info is quite useless since I hang my good clothes, and simply throw anything else in the drawer. They tssk tssk me for this; throwing the 'even my husband fold his clothes' argument. I'm thinking about the Prophet saw, and he would agree with these two I'm sure.

Sigh. Im particular about cleanliness, but I don't mind a mess. Will try harder. My fresh smelling clothes are waiting to be hang to dry.

My dreamy washing machine-with dryer of course

* Google pic.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ummu sakinah

That is the person I met today. I liked her immediately- and no wonder. Sakinah is a special name to me. My anak angkat in Cambodia, and its what I aim for. Total peace.

One story that I learn today about the Prophet SAW.

There was one pious black woman who used to clean the mosque in Madinah. When she passed away no one told the Prophet SAW for they think she is just ordinary. They said something like 'Because she passed away at night time.we did not want to bother you.'

The Prophet SAW asked to be led to the grave so he can pray for her.

Masyallah, this is why I feel a great connection with the Prophet SAW. He would not ignore anyone. No matter how much sin they make. No matter what mistake they confess to. I love you, ya habibAllah.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I do not like to complain

Just wanna get my thoughts out before they are gone.

Im too tired to talk about book fair, in fact even the word book kinda make me switch off right now. hehe.

Its not like I do not enjoy, my dear God, to be surrounded by so many people.

Or making new friends.

Or spreading salam.

Its just sometimes being in a crowd can bring the loneliest feeling.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

At least I wasn't beaten

The last time I went to the orphanage house- the little girls and I had cozy chats about girly stuff, and before I go back they absolutely made me promise to come back. A promise sealed with a kiss on the cheeck!

When I got there yesterday night the bungalow was for once empty and quiet. Turned out they went to the catch a movie, sponsored by yet another generous party. Hmmp. I miss them kids, who reminds me of innocent childhood, and of the beloved Prophet saw who was an orphan himself.

There is hikmah in the emptiness- me and ibu, a single mother living there managed to sort out some laundry, matching some skirts with the rights shirts and so on. While we fold the clothes;Ibu opened up about her past marriages. Both of which was a disaster. She talked of being beaten by her husband, masyAllah-the hurdles that she faced, and now trying to climb back on better life amazes me.

How do you do it Ibu?

'Well God won't give us test that we can't bear. And it reminds me that I am but a slave of God. He decides our fate. Ibu redha.There will be light at the end of the tunnel.'

Ibu's courage and patience really make me smile today :). and I thank Allah, for no matter how many problems I faced, I was never beaten by a man. Alhamdulillahialakullihal.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KL International Book Fair

Will be on from 19-28th March, PWTC. Its a good avenue to scrounge for unique books (during weekdays HIGHLY recommended- the weekend crowd is something else!) and meet writers- but you have to be clever and try to find their scheduled appearance beforehand. Been trying to convince my boss to invite Dato' A. Samad Said (I admire his intelligence and ...cuteness) for our book launch but he suggested Dato' Anwar Rethwan instead. He seems nice on the phone though.

I will be meeting some writers of Al-Ameen, and I'm eyeing some other as well.Unfortunately my update of latest hot books have been dusty lately due to the amount of editingI had to do. The irony!

1 day to go- we are hectic- I love crazy times like this.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How are you teacher?

It's always nice to hear from my ex-students. I'm fine thank you. Keep going catching those dreams that you confide with me. And try to wear deodorant once in a while. I'm joking! (maybe?)

Me as a teacher; all smile and sometimes wanted to jump off the window.

Good memories make me smile :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another adventure

Apparently this is the real day that marks my workavessary with Al-Ameen. What a year!! I have learnt so much in the span of twelve months; I think I deserve a pat for myself. *pat pat! haha! Dr. Subra once said why not pat yourself once in a while; no one's gonna do it for you anyway :)

Anyway this was not my first trip to the printer, but I never got to walk around the working areas, and I was given permission to ask as many questions as I like. yes!! As a self-proclaimed nerd/bookworm I was excited to see how a book is produced. Che Mazlan (my boss) and Iman (artist) couldn't erm...share my excitement because all this stuff is yesterday's news for them.

So here is a non-complete step by step of how a book is born :)

After I (the gedik editor) approved of the ozalid/sample print from printer, they will prepare to burn the book's softcopy into plates. A plate is those metal thing Stephanie is holding. One plate can contain from 4 to 16 pages from a book, which later will be folded and cut.

Plate with text and images is being cooled in a dark room.

The plates are put in this massive printer-ready to be printed. A full colour page will go through four printing stages to complete all the colour mixing. I tried to follow the paper being printed but it was too bham, done!

This pakcik is the colour engineer. Making sure the correct amount of colours are put. His job involves pushing loads of buttons and key-ing in the right number of cat/paint. Mencorakkan kain putih- literally :)

We are so ready to be non-white, said the papers.

to be continued after another trip next week insyAllah

Monday, March 8, 2010

Titian Kasih (no, not a nasyeed!)

Happily dreaming about a warm mushroom soup and crunchy garlic bread I'm about to have :D and after hujan also, heaven alert!

I just got back from this place; meeting Mak Pah (the founder) and Mummy (another v'teer). Unlike the other place I went to (nearer but owner didn't really welcome v'teer) the people here were warm & unpshychotic. Except I got a bit scared at first seeing an OKU running to greet me. Dah lama tak pegi spastic centre macam nilah. hehehe. stiff. Guess I will be dropping by this place when I'm free Insyallah, to do some hugging, sharing stories and fold some clothes. Feel like crying seeing the kids here.

Normally at home during free time we would sit around cosily, talking, or reading some ta'lim, or laughing at stupid jokes. But for these kids..they only mostly have each other. The boys were praying on the front yard, together. No mum and dad. Shared room and bathrooms. The girl's house alone consisted of almost 50 of them, some OKU. Argh...and they don't complain! And WHAT craps to do we moan about daily. Gedik betul (saya.)

I went alone today since I didn't know what to expect. Will def. round out some people to give out some love; Insyallah! If we help people Allah will help us. amin!



Masa sebok2 sempat ambik gambar - Friday

The last book to be printed for the bookfair was sent last Saturday. yipppeeee! I am free from the mental cramp from least for now! Now we are buzy preparing for KL International Book Fair itself. It will also mark me being here for....1 year! and that is a record.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Saya memang skema sikit sekarang-yuk yuk (or maybe past 1 or 2 years :)) & asyik nak cakap pasal Islam je..haha. Truth is I have fallen in love with it..and because its kinda new, this PASSION I'm always talking about it.

The other day I related to a friend how I am so lazy to read the Quran lately. She said if that is the case, then when I have children it will be worse.

Argh ngeri jugak. So these pass few days I'm trying hard to read some lines...nak buat baik ni tak yah tunggu mood, coz it will rarely come. One thing Encik (se) Tan is there too! Paksa-paksa saje. Untuk Cinta, Allahu Rahman.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pakcik is married

Alhamdullilah, Pakcik, at 40 something got married last weekend. Hehe. We are all happy and kinda surprised too. Pakcik is kind of ganas (well in a good way!) since he is 'orang kapal': he likes to wear boots, smoke all the time, and buli kucing even though he loves them. But he was so nervous that he asked for panadol that evening before nikah. hahaha. We enjoyed watching him sweat! The reception was lovely, and next week we'll balik kampung for nenek's majlis pulak. mmm nenek happily booked the kompang guys even though pakcik doesn't want anything big. Won't be surprised if nenek bought black market mercun as well. She is such a drama queen!

Secretly I can't wait to attend my sisters' weddings :) For some weird reason I got people saying the same thing to me. Eee...sabar..hehe.