Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 2

It is less than an hour before iftar. My little family is napping. Faree'ah had her evening bath, all scrubbed up after a busy day playing, and staying in the kitchen while I cooked. It is not easy to cook with a baby. While the chicken is frying, I rush to make caramel pudding, and keeping an eyes for Faree'ah who is busy tearing down the kitchen. I have to use the walker unfortunately, as the kitchen is not practical for her to be playing on the floor. For babies it is best to let them grow and play naturally- as creeping and crawling teach them a lot about eye-hand coordination, and strengthening up their tiny body..

Faree'ah found my mechanical pencil this morning and scratch her body, leaving a little scar. I must watch her more carefully.

Today I have been contemplating about yesterday's lecture; about not wasting a single morsel of food for we do not know where is the barakah. This barakah could help make our life better; in ways we do not notice. Perhaps it will be easier to seek knowledge, or perform ibadah, or memorise qur'an, or to perfect our akhlaq..through this blessing. Thus, do not waste any food, not even a grain of rice! I admit I am pretty weak with this point, but yesterday's talk motivates me to try again (and again). Imagine we cannot even bear to throw one ringgit in the bin, yet on a daily basis we are willing throw something bigger!

Lastly, dua for iftar,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 1

As Maghrib enters yesterday, the familiar peaceful feeling that 'Ramadhan is here' engulfs the household. Despite the evening being like any other evening, I can sense how precious this time is.

Faree'ah also behaved herself well alhamdulillah, behave, as in there is no extra tantrum than the usual ones. And that is enough for momma. 

Hasben however wasn't feeling particularly well; the recurrent headache and fever is back. He hasn't been getting enough rest lately, inshaAllah this month he can come back earlier and hopefully getting the rest needed. 

We already put up a prayer timetable in our bedroom, however it turns out the timing is not accurate by about 7 minutes. Thus the Subuh adzan was heard with surprise. Our Adzan clock is also late by 6 minutes. 

This morning I listened to Ustaz Adli's Manhaj Talaqqi about the virtue of Surah Al-Baqarah and Ali-Imran:

Imam Ahmad said that Abu Nu`aym narrated to them that Bishr bin Muhajir said that `Abdullah bin Buraydah narrated to him from his father, "I was sitting with the Prophet and I heard him say,

(Learn Surat Al-Baqarah, because in learning it there is blessing, in ignoring it there is sorrow, and the sorceresses cannot memorize it.)

He kept silent for a while and then said,

(Learn Surat Al-Baqarah and Al `Imran because they are two lights and they shade their people on the Day of Resurrection, just as two clouds, two spaces of shade or two lines of (flying) birds.


Ustaz also said how people like to put Qadr in front of them; i.e. giving up before trying. He said if try to memorize it, even if we fail, Allah knows our intention and will reward us like we completed the deed.

He also said something else. Isn't funny how people can take business risk for worldly profit, borrowing from the bank for example..and yet they do not want to take the risk for a guaranteed reward in the hereafter. And I'm sure this can be applied beyond just memorizing the Qur'an. 

So it got me thinking, am I up for the challenge? Do I want to attempt memorizing Surat Al-Baqarah even if it takes me my whole life, and failing at it? 

Last night I was thinking about how I can be a successful person. This aim seems like a good start.  I have been thinking about what to do to occupy my mind while doing housework anyway. InshaAllah. It sounds scary, memorising Al-Baqarah. So I will start with memorising 5 ayat of Al-Baqarah. Okay let's make it 6. Because all Muslims have memorised the first ayat, no? (Alif, lam, mim...) 

Okay, Faree'ah is napping Alhamdullilah. I probably have 1o more minutes, gotta settle the laundry. 

                                                May Allah make you a righteous Muslimah my dear daughter...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan Preparation

Alhamdullillah Ramadhan will start tomorrow. InshaAllah I plan to record this unique month of the year, especially this will be my first year as a mama. Faree'ah though nearing the 7 months mark is not eating as much as I would expect. She takes in fruits at times, at first throwing them back up again. I learn to feed her only when she's really hungry. She likes papaya, dates, avocado, mango and corns so far..banana not so much. I tried peas and zucchini too but her tummy doesn't seem to be ready.

Yesterday I cooked a brown rice porridge, and mixing it with some corn and apple (steamed and blended) Yum! she ate quite well..overall she is still breastfeeding a lot, and alhamdullillah my supply is still enough.

For the first week of Ramadhan inshaAllah, I have made enough brown rice porridge and freezing them. I will add up other fresh ingredient(s) on a day to day basis. I'm trying to stay off the kitchen area as much as I can so I can focus more on doing other deeds. After all you never know when will be your last Ramadhan...

And so, in preparation - I have prepared all the common raw ingredients to last at least a few days, like the chilly paste and onions- as they can be time consuming to prepare. I have also clear out my fridge- inshaAllah lets aim for no wastage of food this month. Only cook or buy what you are going to eat! As was last year's, we have no plan to go to Bazaar Ramadhaan at all. That's where the temptation is!

My mother in law has also prepared some ayam rendang (frozen and divided in small containers) to be enjoyed later. (Sunday's project) I doubt that its going to last long, hasben has been begging for the rendang for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and supper! He is quite clever, he knows I will give in at one of the meal time. Thus, last night dinner he ate them rendang with a smug on his face. InshaAllah, we shall make some more...

Anyway, enough about food..

This year's Ramadhan my aims:

  • Improve my fasting (not just abstaining from food, but clearing my intention, thoughts, perfecting akhlaq, doing ibadah with consciousness)

  • Read Qur'an more often (with translation
  • Perform tarawih at home (with a baby on my side) (and must keep my room neat and tidy inshaaAllah)
  • Be more helpful around the house, helpful to other people
  • To make du'a for Muslims suffering around the world (and not just for myself)
Ya Allah, we can aim as high as the sky (and we should) but it is only He that can grant us the Taufiq to do so! Ya Allah, make this the best Ramadhan for all of us.

As for today I'm trying to finish up some cloth alteration, and cleaning... so that tomorrow can be greeted with peace.

Also, I shall try to remember someone's advice: No complaining, and no blaming! Just do what you have to do. Inshaallah.

                                                              It's my first Ramadhan! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

baby things

This is quite a random post :) Just sharing some products I find useful:

 For heat rash; but I use sparsely because its powdered. When Faree'ah got severe rashes on her neck it helped to dry up the skin.

Minyak afiat for her tummy. It helps when she's gassy etc. and this oil is really good for minor cut too!

Our friend introduced/lend to us the Baby Bjorn bouncer. best. the seat has 4 reclining position; the highest allows baby to kind of sit up. can be folded and i bring it when i go listen to lecture sometimes.
Great for nappy rash and sore nipple.

 Giant refillable wipes. And Faree'ah really like to stare at the bottle.

 Himalaya shampoo-great to clean the scalp. Faree'ah had cradle cap, as is normal for babies, after switching  to this shampoo, and cleaning her head using all natural baby oil her head cleared.

                       So far we go for Diapex / Drypers. last longer. Pampers is great too, but pricey.

  Ring sling. Great for quick trip to supermarket/ to listen to lecture. Just have to under dress baby, because it gets quite warm when she snuggle up inside the pouch. Wish I bought it sooner so could wear it from day 1. hehe. Now that Faree'ah is almost 6 kg, I wear this for no more than one hour. Black is best to match any outfit...and hide stain!

Miracle blanket (yes that's the name) Makes swaddling easy, keep baby snug and she sleeps longer. Last up to 4 months only. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Life with baby Faree'ah

My little rabbit / Faree'ah is 16 weeks +, hitting her 4th month birthday in less than 2 weeks time. I have acquired a new routine once baby have arrived, and the best thing is I will have to keep adapting to new routines according to her development. No longer is Faree'ah sleeping all day and waking all night (first few weeks) or sleeping almost all the time (month 1/2). Now she's awake longer, though her nap time is rather frequent; as is her breastfeeding session. 

Faree'ah can laugh now, and it is amazing when you see your child laugh. Makes you feel warm all over. I never believed my friends when they say however dog-tired they are, when they see their child all the tiredness is gone. But its true. All she need is to smile, and your day is o-kay. Blessing from Allah.
In this slower pace of life I wondered what I can do/teach little Faree'ah; I have not decided whether I want to introduce her to any flashcard or such 'educational' material yet. Anyway some things that I am learning to do:

  •  Dignified treatment of babies: yes please. At their most vulnerable years, when they depend on us for a lot of things, I learn about respecting babies. i.e. when changing a soil diaper, I try not to comment on the smell, say things like 'ewww' or turn my face the other way. It a way to build trust with our child, "when I am most vulnerable, I can trust someone to be there for me, or laugh at me." I learn this during intense labour, lying there on the hospital bed, and the nurse emptying my bladder with a tube. Just as I expected a dignified treatment then, I try to treat my baby the same way.
  • Open communication: I'm still learning this, especially to a not-yet responsive baby. I tell her when I'm picking her up, what I'm doing to her, what I'm thinking etc. One-its language exposure. Two- its practice for me as a parent, to talk to my child.
  • Not feeling the need to entertain my baby; I trust that she is independent in this sense, she knows how to be happy herself. 
  • I am learning the basic duaa's so I can teach her as well. 
Faree'ah is teaching me many things as well. The most important things perhaps. 

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Joy
  • Smile more often 
:) to be continued..