Friday, August 27, 2010


one of the brighter side on doing editing job is learning a new word.

today's words.




i know i'll be dying to use these words at dinner table.

'bla bla bla. terrarium!! bla bla bla.'

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

agak patetik

i wudnt even say pathetic because the situation is lower than that. thus we shall call it patetik.

the 'fasting' mode has been erased after seven days of off-days.

I'm not sure whether its good to announce to the world about the women off days from fasting because of their menstrual cycle thing. but I guess its just a natural process that we all go through.

I put a packet of Cheapsmore (there are hardly any chips and its not even cheap. patetik 2)
in my bag and would sneak a bite or two at the office. then i would go to surau to drink air masak. its not like these people would mind- but the culture of eating in front of fasting people is not practiced in this office. waah back in the language centre it was different. I would be buying nasik and lauk and eat merrily. miss those days. but gotta go with the flow.

no wedding plan lagi- its not fun to plan a wedding during Ramadhaan. I'd be thinking about my dress for a minute and then before I know it I'd be fantasizing about nasik tomato or coke or ayam.

on the other hand, surprisingly, I like wearing my engagement ring. when I look at it it reminds me that I will have a husband by the end of the year inshaAllah.


I remember Imran texted me- 'I cant wait to be your hasben.'

and I replied. -'and me. your waif.'

Friday, August 13, 2010

3 hari


1st day. me and imran did an hiv test- first in our checklist nak kawin. alhamdulillah. negative! hehe. the nurse cakap saya underweight. and imran overweight. great! hehe. but the nurses in klinik Setapak are very friendly. thumbs up! they were surprisingly jolly-not what u'd expect kat klinik kerajaan yang sgt busy. oops.cik Nat pula buat hal sebab i forgot to switch off light but i have a jumper now.

2nd day. sgt weak. because i eat so little i dont have enough energy to forgo fasting comfortably. i slept a lot.

3rd day. today i try to start the day with a glass of milk, cereal, energy bar and fried potato. alhamdulilah better.. its a month of hope for me. hoping for a better me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A beautiful Saturday

While everyone was busy preparing all the girly stuff I had the best time with cute Nana.

My dad, dad's friends, bro-in-law, uncle and Imran's uncles doing the discussion. It lasted
5- 10 mins only since all the details were discussed priop to this meeting.

Pressies for Imran's family

At the brink of Ramadhaan yesterday. Alhamdulillaah. Was a small engagement gathering to mark my engagement to my husband-to-be InshaAllaah. Some of my collegues were shocked that I was going to put on my daily black abaya and not even a 'blink-blink' scarf. hehehe. Well firstly my abaya is beautiful thank you very much, and inshaAllaah it covers my aurah pretty well. Secondly I like to keep it simple since excessiveness is not part of Islam. My sister suggested a 'teeny lipstick' to cover my imaginary chapped lips (she's so wrong) but in the end I went au natural. yay!

Safiyya Amani didn't come to my engagement but I went to see her. She's a cool baby.

I got another beautiful abaya, some fruits, flowers, cake, a copy of the translated Quran and the tiniest sized ring we could find- since my fingers are very the kecik. Me & Mom who did an awesome job organizing the gathering. and today is her 30th wedding anniversary.

My cheerful family. The only person yg takde, Maryam. This post is for you!

May Allah unite me & Imran in a blessed walimaah soon InshaAllah. We are scouting November this year :).
and may Allah make it easy for my sisters as well.
Shared happiness is such a blessing!

Love is in the air & life's getting to be more beautiful each day...!